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Christoph Muchsel


Christoph Muchsel was born on the 24th of November 1983 in the capital of Austria, Vienna, a charming and very classic city. He was raised by his mother and in his early years you could already tell that his passion was “to move”!

He tried many kind of sports, but at the teen ages it was more important to be cool, so he enjoyed his youth like an ordinary boy and in the meantime he finished high school followed by a degree (European college) in gastronomy, with specialization in waiter, at the five stars hotel Intercontinental.

In the age of 20 he found his first big love: Chinese martial arts. He found a very good teacher who took him under his wings. He starts reading a lot about the meaning of Kung Fu, meditation, spirituality, consciousness, ...

He became 6 times Austrian champion, traveled few times to China, took part in the World cup Macao 2004 (21th place, world ranking!) and several European cups. His life was Kung Fu. One day he got the offer to take part in a renowned international fire performance group (Phoenix Fire Dancers). With “Phoenix” he not just start to manage his finances just as performer but also worked in important events worldwide. Until he found his new great love: the art of handbalancing.

An amazing circus artist from Marocco taught him how to stay on one hand and many other amazing skills.

In the age of 29 he start to perform with his handbalancing solo act on international stages.


With 31 he saw her for the first time....

She was like in his dreams. Swinging on a trapeze with unbelievable skills and a smile for which he wants to live.

Today they live together and both know that’s it .

They created the circus company “The Wildes” with all their passion and knowledge.

Chris has already performed in over 20 countries. Collaborated with great agencies such as

Dance Empire International, Phoenix Fire Dancers, Cataracts, Premium Projects, Eventbuehne, Drumatical Theater. And brought his art to stages and productions like

Bregenzer Festspiel, Diner Fantastique, Expo 2016, Grandprix Bahain, Volksoper, Die Magie des Lichts, Aquaria- Scalaria, Festival Fantastika, Creartys production.

He has many hobbies like play guitar, singing, wood burning, and chilling out with Magic (The Wildes dog). A noble soul making art out of living.

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