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Be Happy

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     A fun, poetic street show designed to celebrate the world of Gypsy circus. A strong sense of nomadism is instilled in the veins of every circus artist; from their travels to the most distant corners of the world, they explore the deepest corners of their own being. Facing fear and failure whilst living their true passion.

     Town to town, country to country, Mr and Mrs. Wilde bring the mystery and joy of their own universe to children of all ages. With suprise and delight all contained in Shimmy-Shammy, a spectacular tandem bicycle that transforms itself into a set-up stage, vintage touch, and a window to impressionism. Accompanied by their amazing dog acrobat Magic, the first of his artistic bloodline, the Wildes invite you to open your heart and become an integral part of this awesome adventure!  


Creation & Production 2017/2018


Debut at Streetlife Festival Vienna 2018



             # 1st Place BEST STREET SHOW                  # 2nd Place BEST STREET SHOW

              Kleinkunst Festival. Weesen, Switzerland                     - La fiere del Teatro. Sarmede Italy

Press text

A chaotic couple of artists who travel the world and spread amazement and laughter. Their universe is adorned with imagination. The duo is managed by a small creature, a dog named “Magic”, the first acrobat of his bloodline. With their spectacular vintage tandem, they will bring you colorful surprises and remind you of the importance of dreaming.

Technical requirements 

Space: min. 4m X 5m X 4 m (height). Preferably wind sheltered and flat floor.


Crowd catching and build up: 5 to 15 min 

Show: 25 to 35 min 

Pack: 5 min

(Also possible make it to masure)

Other details

- Portable, easy to change location and set-up

- Audio-independent

- Able to perform without our acrobatic dog Magic (though it´s really worth it to have him, and we always recommend it!)


Living life with passion

The Wildes

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