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Fun, fun and lots of fun! This is the flow. A crazy and sweet trio named The Wildes, a small artist family managed by the most fascinated creature among them “Magic” the smartest (and most beautiful) little dog of the world. Together they use their incredible abilities to bring everybody into the joyfull world of circus. Modern object manipulation, classic juggling, high skilled acrobatics, and some very good swing mixing it up!  “Just one step forward and you are not on the same spot anymore”... Just add one smile and the world is already a happier place. This is the spirit of this surprising, energetic and comic show. For the whole family to enjoy life and do not forget how important it is to dream.


UP TO 60 min Program!!!

Street Busker STYLE



Very portable and flexibel "Poketino" Show fits everywhere. From the size to the mood. We can bring this wonder to your Festival, Private celebration, corporate events you name it.


Very little technical requirement:

min. Stage or open space measurement

3m (witdh) x 4m (length) x 4m (high) stage.

Preferably wind sheltered

A Show for the whole family, no age rating!

Exclusivly adapt to your event!


Living life with passion

The Wildes

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