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Mia Ferreira


Mia Ferreira was born in the heart of the brazilian region Cerrado , on the 28th of November 1987. She discovered her passion for circus arts when she was still twelve years old, when she started to take part in acrobatic courses in her hometown. Because of her outstanding development in aerial acrobatic she began to perform in events with others pioneer artists of the entertainment branch in Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

In 2005 she was admitted in the Brazilian National Circus School (ENC) and moved to Rio de Janeiro to follow her dreams of becoming a great artist. At the same time she also started to study Art in one of the most renowned Universities of South America (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ). She menage to carry on both professional qualification for four years, and during this time co-founder a small circus troupe called “Super Tralha Circo Trupe”, specialized in stilts and fire juggling for small events. Parallel work in some occasions with other big companies in Brazil.

In 2010 graduate at ENC in Washington Trapeze and Acrobatic Rollerskating. In 2011 get admitted in the Contemporary Circus School Vertigo in Turin, Italy. During her second degree takes part in several shows and festivals. A big sense of experimentation leads her to create different acts, mixing thematic and exploring the concepts of new circus.

After her specialization she moves to Berlin, where she works two years long as fix cast of Dulce Compania. And bring forward her contemporary researches in underground cabarets.

On winter 2016 she moves again, this time love pulls her whole life to Vienna where she’s based now, and produces good stuff more than ever!




Her last season was a two months shows in China, before that winter dinnershow in Germany, and previous a six months contract in Qatar.

From Fat Boy Slim Concert to Official Artistic Gymnastic Pan American cup, going through several corporate events, festivals and Varietets like Platonov; Olala; Intenational Theater Festival of Liepaja;

Initiativ Neue Zirkus Festival; Zircouplet; Universo Parallelo, and many countries as Sweden, Chile, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Latvia and more.

And agencies and companies such as Dulce Compania, Premium Projects, Humashow, B-Theater, Eventbuehne, Archaos, Unicirco, Phoenix Fire Dancers, and others.

She speaks five languages, loves the nature, drawing and reading are her hobbies. And always has big smile to share with the audience.

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